Find out how to tap into the master creative sequence that all successful visionaries use to share their Signature Genius, find and inspire their tribes and profit in innovative ways...

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It doesn’t even matter if…

  • Your big vision for your business sometimes seems almost overwhelming (or you don’t see exactly where to start to gain real, income-producing traction)
  • You keep going astray and delaying  with over-planning, over-preparing, or need-more-certification mode thinking you’re not “ready”
  • You’re not crystal clear about your Signature Genius and the true value of the unique contribution you offer, or what sets you apart from everyone else
  • You’ve got so many ideas, but no way to organize them into a powerful, aligned plan and client-converting offers that consistently generate income with ease and flow
  • You’ve been struggling to make the money to support yourself, yet going without the expert support and guidance you need because you think you have to do everything alone

If you’re not yet reaching the people you’re meant to with your gifts, talents and abilities or earning the income you deserve and desire you may be “looping” and not even know it…

Hi, my name’s Julie Ann Turner, and like you I know what it’s like to feel the deep truth that there’s more you’re here to contribute to the world – that you’ve been gifted a singular genius and unique talents to make an abundant living while being in service to a higher purpose…

I also know what if feels like to be completely stuck!

After career tracks as a successful executive in international advertising/PR firms, and as  a rising star in a growing Global 50 tech company, I came to a crossroads of purpose.

Maybe you can relate?

When my mother died of cancer at age 48 it was a major life wake-up call. I came face-to-face with the reality that we only have a brief time to make the impact we’re here to make.  I knew my happiness was more important than any fears I could imagine.

So I took a life changing leap into finding, accepting and sharing my own greatness…

Now, I’m a recognized world authority on the master creative process, an author, speaker, global radio host, award-winning social innovator, and a highly paid consultant and executive coach who uses the 5 Conscious Shift principles to teach visionary women entrepreneurs like you how to…

  • Find and accept your Signature Genius and creatively profit by sharing it with the world
  • Package and deliver your compelling, client-attracting offers, events and programs for your tribe- that leaves them feeling loved and supported by the transformations you provide
  • Receive top-tier compensation for the highly prized creator YOU are, from multiple streams of income, as you serve your tribes

The 5 Conscious Shifts you’ll learn on this webinar have a history of radically changing visionary women entrepreneur’s lives…

Time and time again, visionary women entrepreneurs just like you – who’ve been stalled and frustrated (some for up to 3 and even 10 years) around making their Big Vision a reality quickly find themselves stepping into their greatness, accomplishing long-desired goals, creating new streams of income and building loyal tribes of clients once they uncover their Signature Genius.

You can do it too.

To quickly move out of being stuck, stalled and overwhelmed around your business and mission, and leap boldly, confidently and successfully into impacting the world by sharing your Signature Genius, sign up now.


To Your Greatness,