Imagine the JOY of being able to share your signature genius and vision with the world…


No more… Settling For Less, Scattering Your Focus,
Doubting Your Gifts, Overworking, Underearning, Or
Struggling To Fit Your Unique Vision Into Someone
Else’s Idea of Success!
Find out how Visionary thought leader Julie Ann Turner can help you in as little as 90 minutes remove the barriers that have really been keeping you from discovering and sharing your Signature Genius – and start impacting the world exactly the way you’ve always wanted.

Dear Fellow Visionary Woman Entrepreneur,

Do you have a big vision and message to share with the world, but things aren’t working out as you planned?You know what you have to offer you will transform lives and impact others for the highest good.Unfortunately, you just aren’t reaching as many people as you’re meant to, or making the income that you
desire, and you’re certainly not experiencing the joyful, balanced lifestyle and freedom you know is possible.You’re not alone…Let’s face it – bringing your business and big vision into tangible, living, breathing reality is no small feat. It can be easy to stay stuck, stalled and stressed (for months or even years) because…

  • Your big vision for your business or project sometimes seems almost overwhelming (or you don’t see exactly where to start to gain real, income-producing traction)
  • You keep going astray and delaying in over-planning, over-preparing, or need-more-certification mode, thinking you’re never quite “ready”
  • You’re not crystal clear about your Signature Genius and the true value of the unique contribution you offer, or what sets you apart from everyone else
  • You’ve got so many ideas, but no way to organize them into a powerful, aligned plan and client-converting offers that consistently generate income with ease and flow
  • You’ve been struggling to make the money to support yourself, yet going without the expert support and guidance you need because you think you have to do everything alone

If this sounds like you, then let me guide you back to your greatness through the exact, proven, step-by-step Master Creative Process that already has guaranteed hundreds of your fellow visionaries greater success, global reach and generous income — all generated by serving their ideal tribe of loyal clients from their Signature Genius.

If you really want the rest of your career to be filled with the confidence, joy, purpose and happiness that accepting and sharing your Signature Genius can bring you – plus earn more money from your creations than you ever thought possible; not only now, but for the rest of your life, then you need to ask yourself…

Are You (Really) Ready To Step Into Your Greatness?

After guiding over 700 visionary women (and quite a few wise men) through private Signature Genius Discovery Sessions, I’ve discovered there are 3 types of visionaries this call is perfect for:

1. You’re not sure exactly what your Signature Genius is — and want help getting clear on your unique gifts and value, so you can begin offering and sharing it with the world.
2. You have a sense of your Signature Genius, but not your Big Vision – and need help getting clear on what you’re here to do, on what you’d most like to create and contribute.
3. You have a sense of your Signature Genius and Vision, but need help breaking it down into a specific project or initiative and clear steps, to make it doable – AND unique and profitable.

“Just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration, focusing, and energizing energy. After our 1-on-1 talk I felt confident I had found a new direction for my life, but the real shocker came when I woke up around 2:30, my head full of ideas. I realized I wouldn’t remember all that the next morning, so I decided to get up and write it all down. The more I wrote, the more ideas came. Before I knew it I had described in detail all the parts to my website, and bringing all my talents together and coordinated. I felt I had tapped into my source of abundance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ Sonia Marie Wijts, Walnut Creek, California

So What’s a Signature Genius Discovery Session, And How Can It Help You?

There are two types of Signature Genius Discovery Sessions for you to choose from.

The ESSENTIAL Signature Genius Discovery session is best if you are not yet crystal clear about what your Signature Genius (your unique blend of gifts, talents and value) is, and what may be holding you back from stepping fully into your greatness.

The PREMIUM option is ideal for you when you’re ready to deepen your understanding of your Signature Genius, and find out how it connects to your Vision, next big project or venture, with clear next steps and a plan of action to guide you going forward.

Which Signature Genius Discovery Session Is Best For You?

The ESSENTIAL Signature Genius Discovery Session leaves you feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your life and work into a fully focused, freely flowing experience of contribution and legacy you most desire, and includes:

  • A 45-minute 1-on-1 Session with Julie Ann
  • Your Signature Genius — get the guidance you need on exactly what YOUR Signature Genius is your unique constellation of divine gifts, talents, expertise & experience that SET YOU APART
    from all others
  • Highest Vision – Create a crystal clear vision for your highest and best life and work
    success (what you really want)
  • Uncover hidden challenges – that may be sabotaging you shift into full potential and keeping you from living in full purpose, passion and profitability

Plus As An Added Bonus… you’ll receive recording of your entire session so you may participate
fully without having to take copious notes, and then go back to listen as much as you want.

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The PREMIUM Signature Genius Discovery Session will help you recognize, perhaps for the first time, the true value your gifts and offerings can bring to those you serve (so you can begin to clearly articulate it, in terms your tribe can understand). You’ll leave the call feeling inspired, with a clear plan of action for your next project or venture, and includes:

  • A 90-minute 1-on-1 Session with Julie Ann
  • Highest Vision – Create a crystal clear vision for your highest and best life and work success (what you really want)
  • Your Signature Genius — get deep guidance you need on exactly what YOUR Signature Genius is your unique constellation of divine gifts, talents, expertise & experience that SET YOU APART from all others
  • Your True Value –recognize, perhaps for the first time, the true value your gifts and works bring to those you serve – so that you see, honor, and own the transformation you bring to your clients. And see how you can better articulate, offer and share that value with others
  • Your Voice & Message – discover the essence of your signature message, so you stand out and attract your ideal tribe, with a clear, consistent and compelling core promise
  • Your Signature Style – Discover the ways you most naturally express your Signature Genius – the ways you uniquely shine – so you create offers, services and experiences your tribe of ideal clients will love to pay you for
  • Uncover hidden challenges – that may be sabotaging your shift into your full potential and keeping you from living in full purpose, passion and profitability with a Special Guided Clearing Sequence to wipe out these issues for good – and give you a lifetime tool/process to use to do this for yourself.
  • Receive your “SIGNATURE GENIUS” 3-Step Plan, through specific guidance which reveals your immediate, customized best next steps, so you may STEP UP to DELIVER the singular message,
    creations and impact you were born to share with the world.

PLUS, as an added bonus you’ll receive…

  • Creator’s Guide 3-Book Series/ Master Study Course (full-color digital version, sold separately for $150). This is the foundation tool of Julie Ann’s $3,500 Fast-Track Transformation Series This Master Study Course gives you worksheets, checklists and visuals to show you, step-by-step, how to implement what you discover in the session.
  • A recording of your entire session so you may participate fully without having to take copious notes, and then go back to listen as much as you want.

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“Yesterday on our call, you really tapped into something that flipped a switch to my belief system and rocked it. I’ve spend most of today actually thinking differently and being more confident than I have been in months. Thank you for your time and energy yesterday – I want you to know how much I appreciate it.”

~ Lee Ann Price, Framingham, MA

I want to thank you deeply Julie Ann for the session we had. I experienced so much over the days that
followed and shifted. You are insightful, supportive, and deliver such positive energy! Your services are a great value as well. Many blessings to you.”

~Marie Sicari
New York City

Important: Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay

#1: Even if you’re trying to reinvent the wheel, it can be WAY easier
Yes, you’ve got an idea or big vision that is going to change the world for the better (that’s what visionaries do). But, unfortunately, most visionaries waste all-too-precious time and valuable focus trying to do everything themselves. The Signature Genius Discovery Session instantly boosts your confidence in knowing exactly what YOUR awesomeness is, so you can let others support you with theirs.

#2: Your investment will almost instantly pay for itself (very likely many times over)

How much is an hour of your time worth? How many hours have you wasted spinning your wheels doubting your decisions, or trying to cram your vision into someone else’s idea of success? I’ve had countless people tell me they’ve earned 10, 20 and even 100 times their initial $297 investment for this call, which could easily make this the best investment you’ll make all year!

#3: Now is the moment you MOST need perspective
When you finally step up and commit to owning and living your greatness, that’s exactly when all your fears gang up to make one last-ditch effort to keep you small. It can sound like an echo chamber of doubt – and, on your own, you can get confused about what is real and valid, and what is false judgment masquerading as truth. It can cause you to distrust yourself and stop you in your tracks. This session will give you the invaluable perspective you need to recognize and banish those false fears once and for all – so you can move ahead with clarity and confidence.

#4: If you want to be a successful visionary then honesty is the key

Successful visionaries have a high level of self-honesty – a vigilant willingness to look at every area
of their life and work – and see it for what it is –and notice where they need help. Especially about getting the clarity and guidance they need to move forward in making their Big Vision a reality. They know staying true to their vision is essential to their success.

The Signature Genius Discovery Session will gently but clearly help you recognize the undeniable truth
about you – that you too have something remarkable to share with the world.

And, that you CAN do it at the level you’ve envisioned, if you’re willing to get help clearing out anything holding you back – so you can be certain of the exact next steps to help you move forward fastest.

“ Hi Julie Ann, Wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your help, guidance and love on the call yesterday. It has truly helped propel me forward on my journey, and release the judgment I held over my head. You are an amazing woman and I really appreciate your time and wisdom. “

~ Jessica Persing
London, England

Discover Your Signature Genius Special Offer
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How Important Is It For You To Find Out That You REALLY Can Earn A Fabulous Living Doing What You Love?

You are in charge of your own future – and this is the stepping stone you’ve been waiting for.

Make this choice that will change forever how feel about sharing your gifts, attracting your
ideal tribe of clients – and profiting from your Signature Genius.

You have everything to gain. Claim your Signature Genius Discover Session now.

One final thought, I have specifically designed these calls to help guide Visionary women entrepreneurs like you – quickly and easily
into your true greatness. My clients across the globe typically invest $500-$1000 for these
sessions, so don’t delay – prices will be going up soon.


PREMIUM FOR ONLY $297 Add to Cart

To Your Greatness,

Julie Ann Turner

P.S.Because I am committed to seeing you succeed — if upon completion of the Signature
Genius Discovery Session you enroll in my Fast-Track Transformation Series within 30 days,
you will receive a FULL CREDIT of your $297 investment today toward either my online or live

P.P.S And if for any reason you still have questions, please email us directly at – and we’ll be glad to help.