The POWER ARC™ Fast-Track Transformation Series -- Everything You Need To Immediately Find, Share And Profit From Your
Signature Genius!

YES! Julie Ann, I can’t wait to learn how to tap into the master creative sequence used by all successful visionaries to discover my Signature Genius, find and inspire my tribe and profit by doing so in my own uniquely meaningful ways! I’m ready to learn how to turn my vision into a sustainable business that impacts the world.

Trusting my inner guidance and clarity to go for what I really want — without settling, playing small, being distracted or delayed any longer I know I can make my big vision a reality by learning to shift…

  •   From Stuck and Overwhelmed … to Crystal Clarity on My Signature Genius and Its True Value
  •   From Stalled and Stressed … to Acting on My Ideal Work/Life Plan with Confidence & Ease
  •   From Feeling Like A-Face-in-the-Crowd … to Confidently Expressing My Compelling Message
  •   From Scarcity and Struggle … to Receiving the Income I Deserve from a Loyal Tribe of Clients
  •   From Frustration and Isolation … to Embraced by Kindred Spirits & Expert Support

I also understand I’ll be receiving 1 bonus and 2 special gifts worth over $3000.  All backed by a 100% money back guarantee.  Give me my instant online access to the POWER ARC Fast-Track Transformation Series –  TODAY!

I’m Ready To Gain Access To…

  • Live 1-on-1 Sessions With Julie Ann ($1500 Value)  
    Your 6-week Fast-Track Transformation starts off in live, interactive, visual 1-on-1 sessions with Julie Ann where she’ll personally guide you through creating your own POWER-ARCS, just like the famous Visionaries we discussed in the webinar.  These sessions are so powerful that one visionary who attended my $7,500 live event told her it was these very first 1-on-1 sessions that alone changed her life & work and was worth her entire investment.  My guess is, you’re going to have a very similar experience.   Because you and Julie Ann are going to have not just ONE of these session, but THREE 1-on-1 sessions, structured throughout the program, to make sure you’re on track.
  • Video Modules & Step-by-Step Guides ($800 Value)
    In between sessions with Julie Ann you’ll be working with the heartbeat of the program:  The weekly Video Modules & Step-by-Step Guides, which will gently escort you through the master creative sequence – visually showing you every step of the way to bring your unique vision to life.
  • Customized, Visual Master Life / Work Action Map ($400 Value) 
    You have no idea the fun you, your multi-colored stickies, flip charts and highlighters are in for as you learn to visually layout your POWER ARCs, weaving your gifts powerfully and creatively into every project, client offer and action.  It’s going to change every single thing you’ve ever thought about what it possible for you as you gracefully act in complete alignment with exactly what you’re here to do.
  • Fast-Track Guidebook / Checklist / Audios ($300 Value)
    As part of this program, you’re also getting the foundational 3-book series & Master Study course that I initially created, which sells for $300 by itself …along with the full resources, checklists, charts and visual actionsheets – as a lifetime resource for you.  A lot of my clients call this their “Visionaries Bible’.
  • POWER ARC™  Fast-Track Email Exchanges with Julie Ann ($500 Value)
    If you’re wondering,  “how am I going to be sure I’m following all the steps of the program” or “what am I going to do when questions come up?” Well, some people let that slow them down or stop them – and in the past, I allowed people to buy access to me by email throughout entire 6-weeks program for an additional $500.   But what I’m going to do for you today is give you this support as part of the program.  So each week you can email me your biggest question or anything you’re wrestling with, and I’m personally going to support you around that question each week, for the entire program.
Plus, In addition to all the 1-on-1 Sessions, videos and step-by-step guidance in the 6week POWER ARC™ Fast-Track Transformation Series, I know I’ll also receive 1 bonus and 2 gifts worth over $3,000…

BONUS #1: Full $1,000 POWER ARC Fast-Track Scholarship (Value $1,000)
A full $1,000 scholarship – instantly redeemable – for those who invested in themselves by viewing the “5 Conscious Shifts” Webinar.


GIFT #1:  A FREE 1 Month Trial To My World Circle Mastermind Experience (Value $1,000/mo)
This is your opportunity to experience 1st- hand what it’s like to work with other visionaries.  My high-level clients pay me up to $1,000 a month to participate in this intimate, private circle where we go deep on your specific projects, initiative or vision to propel you forward on a level you’d never be able to achieve alone.

When you experience with your fellow Fast-Track visionaries the power of tapping into the vision, encouragement, innovative strategies and invaluable perspective of other amazing women, on the same visionary path as you are you will move forward faster than anything you’ve ever experienced.

After your 1-month free trial, I’m confident you’ll see that you indeed do belong in this visionary company.  And if you like it (which I’m sure you will) then I’ll give you the details on how you can continue to benefit on an ongoing basis.

GIFT #2:  An Exclusive Invitation To My Global Visionary Soirée 
Every 4 to 6 months, I throw a private global soirée – an exclusive video party for visionaries across the globe.  Where we connect live through video and hear what other visionaries worldwide are creating …

Imagine what it will feel like to be connected with other powerful visionaries through the power of video, bouncing from Kuala Lumpur to the UK to Saudi Arabia to South Africa to Europe, the US and Canada.  As every woman is sharing her vision of what she’s doing in the world.  And of course, you’ll be able to share your vision as well.

Normally, invitations to this Soiree are only available to my high level visionary clients, who each pay up to $1,000 to participate in this unique global event. But what I’m about is training and developing visionaries, and I know how hard it is for visionaries to find other like-minded people to learn and grow with.  So I’d love for you to be my special guest at our next gathering.

“For so long I’ve been having these jumbled up thoughts about what my next BIG piece of work is, and UNTIL NOW, I had not been able to find a tool — or even a coaching process that really gave me the CLARITY to step into WHO I AM AS A LEADER, and really have that bigger vision…

I have just finished Julie Ann Turner’s POWER ARC, and it is GREAT!  It has significantly moved me forward and made me feel like I can see into the future — and I GET THAT I CAN DO THIS.  Thanks to Julie Ann’s POWER ARC program I’m going to be able to reach millions of people with a global presence.”

Suzanne Falter-Barns, Best-Selling Author and Expert

And You Get A 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that, from the first moment we connect in this Fast-Track Transformation Series, you will discover – as have hundreds of your fellow visionaries across the globe – how to find and share your Signature Genius to profit from serving your ideal tribe.  I’m so confident you’ll experience immediate results, that, if, at the close of our initial live, 1-on-1 “Your Signature Genius” Discovery Session, you are not equally confident and already have gained significantly more clarity around your Signature Genius and the true value you bring your tribe, what specifically has been holding you back so far, and exactly how we will map out your customized, visual plan to guide you, step-by-step, to your goals – you may request and receive an immediate and full refund on your investment in your Fast-Track Transformation.

The 6-week POWER ARC™ Fast-Track Transformation Series includes private 1:1 sessions with Julie Ann, Conscious-Shifting Tools, Creative Processes and Personal Discovery Assignments as well as Online webinars and Audios I can listen to any time I want.  ALL of this (as well as the BONUSES) will be delivered online and through live, interactive 1-on-1 Sessions through private, online meeting technology over a 6-week period.

I am now ready to leap into my greatness by finding and sharing my Signature Genius with the world!  Knowing that it’s all backed by Julie Ann’s 100% money back guarantee.

I also understand that the total value of this program is $3,500 and by using my instantly redeemable Full $1,000 POWER ARC Fast-Track Scholarship plus $503 today only discount, my risk-free investment today is only $1997.

 Make 1 payment in full with Scholarship for  $1997

 Make 2 payments with Scholarship of  $997 each

“Julie Ann’s message and master system actually serve as a SECRET WEAPON to propel both your own success, and your work and profitability to an altogether higher level.  I know,  because I just personally participated in this transformation myself and it has given me the clarity and guidance to shift to entirely new level – the highest level – of my work in the world!

You’ve never heard me say this before… what Julie Ann shares is the most brilliant, proven success system I’ve encountered since I began my work as a coach, author and Law of Attraction expert.  If you’re ready to shift higher, this is the very next ideal step for you.”

Eva Gregory, Author and International Coach of The Year


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